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Alloy Wheels

Alloys have now become common on cars driven in the UK.

Whether alloy rims have been added after purchase or were included when purchased, it can safely be said that they add value to the vehicle as well as its looks.

CPR Performance’s technicians are fully trained in alloy wheel refurbishment. When they inspect your vehicle only then will it be mentioned whether repair/refurbishment will be done on the spot or whether the rims need to taken away. We believe that our approach to wheel refurbishment is comprehensive as the wheel will look like new by the time it is repaired.


Government legislation requires that car tyres must have a minimum tread of 1.6mm in a continuous band throughout the central ¾ of the tread width and over the whole circumference of the tyre.

The recommended Europe-wide tyre tread limit (before they are replaced) is 3mm.

Are you looking for a new set of alloy wheels? CPR Performance offers a huge range of alloy wheels, with fitments suitable for virtually any car. Our selection includes major brands such as BK Racing, Wolfrace and Team Dynamics, as well as a huge variety of rare rims, not found in other stores.

The Impact of Tread Depth on Tyre Safety

The general tyre performance (road handling & braking) deteriorates considerably when used in wet conditions, especially once the tread depth reduces below 3mm. This is because the main function of the tread pattern of a tyre is to remove excess water. As the tyre decreases in tread depth it therefore reduces its ability to remove excess water from the road surface beneath the tyre and the car will eventually aquaplane.

Low Profile Tyres – Performance Characteristics V Standard Tyres

Low profile tyres, compared to conventional standard passenger vehicle tyres, have greater width ratio to cope with the demands of higher performance vehicles.

The key performance advantages are:

  • Improved road handling and grip
  • Greater traction and braking

The key performance advantages are:

  • Road noise increase
  • Rougher ride
  • Aquaplaning resistance is minimised due to the amount of rubber on the road